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Monday, March 28, 2011

Still fighting!

I've spent the whole day in tears and full of dread. Kiki had stopped eating over the last two days. Her energy declined and we began to prepare ourselves for the worst. We made an appt this morning with the Vet with the idea that we'd be ready for the worst but with a glimmer of hope, that he'd be able to give us the final say and would be honest and objective above all.

The first available with Dr Irwin was 4:30 pm so we spent the day sitting near Keeks. Petting her, brushing her, snuggling her. She's drooling quite a bit now. Eat time we offered food, she's sniff and retreat, hiding under the table or take a few licks then retreat, with her little jaw clacking. We'd take turns crying, comforting one another and talking softly to her.

When 4 pm arrived, we got in the car to head to the Vet. She fought to get out of my arms in the car (I refused to put her in the carrier) and eventually sat under Phil's seat for a bit. By the time we were in the exam room, she had no drool on her chin (all of it was all over my shirt :)
and she was kneading my arms and clinging to me.
The tech weigh her and asked us what we thought. We told him we had prepared ourselves for the worst, concerned about her suffering and not eating but wanted to see what Dr Irwin thought. He then consulted the chart and noted that she actually was 1 oz heavier than on 3/8!

Dr Irwin came in and noticed right away that her coat and eyes look good and clear. he palpated her jaw and commented that she appears to have mended the bone that was broken, infested by the cancer (he had removed most of the tumor on 3/8). He added that the tumor was only about 60% of the original size and looked pretty good.
After a shot of B12 and a strong anti inflammatory, we got some more pain meds (with advisement that we can always get more), some antibiotic and some food. Her quality of life at this time was judged to be more positive than negative, even with her food refusals over the last several days!

We left that office WITH our Kiki Boots in my arms and a renewed sense of hope. She is an amazing kitty and she's still in this fight, so we are in it with her.

Still a little worried about how we were going to get her to eat, we headed home (she rode the whole way under Phil's seat). As soon as we got home, she was doing a perimeter check. I readied the food, thinking we'd need to start out with the syringe (hopefully giving her some and me and the walls very little food) but decided to start with a plate and spoon. To my amazement and gratitude, she ate some off the spoon, then the plate, then the spoon then the floor! She ate about 1/4 of the can!
She's an amazing little girl. We feel so bad now for even thinking about giving up on her too soon!

Aloha Kiki. (Aloha means soo much more than hello! It also means affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy!!)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ~ That was Sasha writing. I think he wanted to say how much he loves his little sister.

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