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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Roller Coaster. More intervals

Life continues to have it's ups and downs.
On the good side, our Kiki is still with us.
The tumor is bigger now and she's having trouble eating again. Her face is a little disfigured and holds her mouth open most of the time, but she's still as adorable as ever. We have learned how to spoon feed and progressed to using a cheese spreader to pile the food as high as it can get as she has limited tongue usage.
She eats about once per day. The times that used to occupy feeding have now been taken over by wiping drool, wiping her off with some "Pet Head" wipes - only for cool cats! and brushing/polishing her. We are on round 3 of antibiotics and keep picking up little tips and strategies that hopefully make it better for her every day.

Yet I still feel as if we are trying to outrun a freight train.

The Syringe medications are going much better these days but wouldn't you know we get bumped up to IM injections of B12 and anti-inflammatory. I am a needle-phobe and Phil hasn't exactly had load of time to practice giving IM meds on other people's cats in the last 25 years. Add on the fact that giving painful shots to your own furry baby is rough. Needless to say, those shots have not gone well, save for our gracious friend "Kube" who has come to our rescue twice already. We desperately want to do them ourselves but tonight's try ended up treating more fur and less in the body...

In other news... There is NO other news.
I can't manage to get on the trainer for more than 20 minutes. Time is ticking away and now I am completely on the fence about my A race, the Iron Horse Classic, which is just 1 month from now.
At this race, I will literally try to outrun a train. I guess I'll have lots of metaphorical practice.

I have been going to the Weds Night TT's with Phil and strangely enough, perfect attendance (my strength) has paid off again, as I am currently the series points leader by 1 point! (Despite the fact that my times have gotten progressively slower since the first week).

I should be doing some sort of sprint intervals right now. Instead I'll just write my coach a check and do some more drool catching intervals around the house.

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