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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rough Tuesday, Rough Year.

I used to think I was ok at this whole bike racing thing. Not great, but not terrible either.
I'm starting to question that now.

Two crashes within 4 weeks. One predominatly on the left side with lots of skin lost, the other predominately on the right with a head injury/broken helmet. At least I am covering the bases.
Both were in or near corners.

The first I blogged about already. The second happened at the TNW's on 7/20. I was two laps in.

I've learned that if I place blame on my bike for my poor handling, I might wind up in someone's blog (wink).
I did feel funny on the carbones on the ride over, but shook it off. I felt good starting the race. I felt good on the first lap. On the descent on lap two, into turn 2, I decided to close the gap between me and the guy in front of me. He scrubbed some speed and I did too. He started to accelerate away from me before the turn, so I opened up the brake and suddenly gained speed faster than I wanted. I move to the right to avoid running up the back of him, taking the turn wide.....

Too wide.

I couldn't bring those stiff wheels around as quick as I wanted. No, make that needed.
The road narrows a bit after that turn.
I watched as I was parallel with then at and into the curb.

I heard that sparks flew.

I landed in the grass, which is good, but took the brunt of the force with my hand, head and neck.

Helmet was cracked (Goodbye Catlike!) head scratched and bumps forming. I stood, dazed a bit.
Jeff Kloha was there, Devin Clark, who else? (I can't remember now).

My hand really hurt. I kept moving it, thinking how hard it would be to type (what I do at work ALL day), if it were broken!

Jeff took my bike and I made my way to Larry Pirtle do answer questions for the incident report. I was really nervous about getting all the answers right (name, DOB, address, license number, etc). I think I passed.

One day later...

My hand is swollen to the point that I am missing a few knuckles, I have little strength, but the pain is decreasing.
Scrapes on knee hurt when I cross my legs. I can live with that!
Bike to the Hub: Chain is ground down (that made the sparks!), Pedal is too. Some scratches on the frame and rims... I leave it in capable hands for the full battery of tests.

Two days later.....

My neck is so sore that I am turning with my whole body to look a different direction.
My clavical and scapula are really sore.
I am really really depressed. I cried on the way to work today. I could not tell you why.
I might cry right now.

I need and want to get back on the bike but my confidence is severely shaken.
I am questioning even basic abilities to go fast, in a circle.

Hopefully time will heal all wounds.