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Friday, April 22, 2011

Aloha Beautiful Girl!

Today I said goodbye to my baby girl. She will live on in my heart and memories forever.
I am sad for those of you who did not get a chance to meet her, for she was truly a special kitty.
She was a genius kitty, freely giving bumps and eager to purr.

In her final moments, she curled up on my lap and turned on her side. She reached her little paw out to Phil and held on to his hand and before it was time for final breaths and a world free from pain, she crawled onto Phil's lap for a final goodbye.

My heart aches because I will not get to see her anymore but I trust that she is in a place where she is perfect again. The only being I trust to take care of her and love her more than Phil and I have is God.

Dear God,
Please remember that our Kiki likes "Yays" in the morning. She gets really excited and will sometimes cause "fumbles."
If she goes outside, she likes you to chase her around the yard. She'll eat a little grass and then throw it up, but that's ok. She likes her chin rubbed and sometimes her feet, but she'll give you a gentle bite if you pet her in that one spot on her back. She loves to have the window open so she can look out. She'll greet you at the door and she's great at bumps and toe rubs. She has the best cooing purr. She has too many nicknames to mention, but some of the most popular are Boots, Keeks, Keekers, Squeekers, Bee Keeper.
Please tell her how much her mommy and daddy love her each and every day. Kiss her on her soft little head and touch that little white tip of her right ear.
We will see you soon!

Love, Steph and Phil

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