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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Starting to Suck Less

The above photo is proof I was in it. (look closely...behind Teresa!)

Judging from the pained look on my face, I was really IN IT.

By IT, I mean the B race at the Tuesday Night Worlds.

By IN, I mean I stayed IN. In the field. The whole time. (Well, I did jump out one lap to get a drink- I still can't drink and race with these folks- and cough up some pollen) I fell off at the SECOND 2 to go lap (oops, it's a practice race for the officials too!)

Two Prime laps and I was still in there!

Later, I asked Phil if it was slow. Phil, who took 5th, graciously double checked his stats or the night and reported back to me that the average was like 24-25 mph! NOT SLOW.....

Woo Hoo for me!!

Here's hoping my molasses streak is truly over.

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