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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hamakir et mikomo

Literal translation: "Know your place."

Everyone has something unique to contribute to the world. The challenge is to figure out who you are, then how you fit into the grand scheme of things.
The beauty of it is that you do fit. The challenge of it is that most of us think we are square pegs and try to force ourselves into round holes, or more often, trying to force the round holes to be square. It takes true wisdom to know yourself, and thus, your place.

Arrogance is a barrier to growth. The arrogant carry a smug sends of satisfaction. They stop seeking and assume they know. They assert themselves without stopping to recognize how much they have yet to learn and how much opportunity is around them.
Once you realize how truly little you know, you appreciate what wisdom you do have and guard it as a valued possession. Stop taking for granted and push yourself always for a little bit more.

Your place is not in isolation. It is not you vs the world. Your place only exits in relation to others. When you allow it to, the wisdom from you will flow to those around you and from them to you. When you relax in this, you can grow by allowing other's wisdoms to flow around you, into you, like water. This knowledge also requires you to be humble. When the moment calls for it, you take the lead. You must also recognize when another is more suited and step back as to not impede the flow.

Silence can be golden. It is harder to know when not to speak than when to speak. You can share more of yourself by sometimes saying nothing at all.

Knowing your place may mean stopping to ask yourself, is it time to step up, or step back and the wisdom in both actions.

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