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Monday, March 5, 2012

Run for Chocolate 5k *Sunday February 12, 2012*

I am a little late with writing about the Run for Chocolate but looking back on my Halloween write up, I felt I should say something, for posterity. Disclaimer: I am NOT a runner person. I am a cyclist who runs occasionally.

My training schedule for February affords me some time for some cross training and fun non-bike stuff. I was interested in doing the truffle shuffle or this race and when I saw this was a 5k (not longer) and was scheduled for a Sunday (would not conflict with my weight lifting schedule), I was in.

I love all the "Stuff" you get with your registration fees for a running event. When you do a cycling race, you pay $30-$40 and get a number and some pins. When you register for a 5k, you tend to get a "goodie bag" and a t shirt. This race was no exception. The goodie bag included a whole chocolate bar, T shirt and coupons for stuff. Add to that the finishers medals made of solid Bissinger's chocolate!
I "convinced" my friend Suzanne to do this... actually by convince, I mean asked. She'd likely also say she's "not a runner person" but her running times and number of events may make you think otherwise! (She's consistently finishing on the podium in running events, just as she does with cycling events).
I was nervous but excited on Sunday morning. It was one of the coldest weekends we've seen in a while - in the mid to high teens but SUNNY!! I had to check out my friend Brent's pictures of the race the weekend before to see what people were wearing to these running things. (Thanks Brent!) I told him about this when we bumped into him before the start. Little did I know that this cold but bright day was his BIRTHDAY!
Anyhoo... I dressed myself in some versatile cycling gear- tights and a hooded fleece lined jersey, a wool baselayer, some warm socks my mom gave me for Christmas, hat, gloves. I think I looked very stealthy! I texted Suzanne and was on my way. She'd arrived and found a parking spot by the start. After driving around for a while looking for parking, I found a spot not too far away. I met up with Suzanne (whom I had not seen in months! She is getting soooo tiny!) We warmed up a bit and knowing she wanted to really run, I encouraged her to get a good place at the start while I shuffled to the back of the nearly 1000 person crowd. I was fumbling with my ipod and wanted to be able to get it started without being crowded in.

We were off.... sort of... I'd forgotten how you start running, only to do that run/walk thing to the line. Apparently it took over 1 minute for me to even get to the start line. The first half mile featured lots of bob and weave around slower runners and walkers stretched wide across the road. When we reached the overpass, the only little climb for the course, I was able to pick up the pace and move away from the slower walkers/runners. I fell in behind a guy with a sign on his back that said this was his first 5k. He provided a nice pace for the next mile or so.
I noticed the sides were lined with a few people from our cycling circles - mostly Big Shark racers as this was a Mike Weiss production. After the turn around, just as an awesome song came on my ipod, I picked up the pace and simulaneously hear Cristel cheering my name from the side! Waaaa Hoo!! that was some good motivation. I was feeling strong and happy.
I continued on, chasing some people dressed as MnMs and helping a lady chase down another who'd dropped her glove. This helped the remaining 3/4 mile go by quickly. I turned the onto the finishing stretch and picked up the pace a bit. As I crossed the finish, the time said 31:30. I was really pleased! I was even more pleased when I found Suzanne and she helped me realize my time was even less than that, since that was the clock time (and it'd taken me some time to get to the start line). Ultimately my time was 30:18! A Personal Record for me!! (Age/category results are here)

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