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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peeps have all the fun! Halloween 5k and Boo Ba cx Race

I started off this lovely crisp fall day by costuming up as my favorite marshmallow sugary goodness - PEEPS! I grabbed a bagelfull for breakfast and walked, in costume to the start of the Hermann-London 5k in Maplewood (it was less than a mile and would've been a shame to drive over there).

I got a few thumbs up but mostly strange looks on my way over. As I reached the corner of Marshall and Marietta, I started to feel "normal" as other runners were getting out of their cars in some pretty fabulous costumes. I noticed the peacock right away. She had a multicolored tule tutu and about 8 gorgeous peacock feathers on her back, stopping just over her head like a crown or a show girl. I made my way to registration and my first Woo Hoo of the morning was getting a "free" tshirt instead of having to pay another $10 as the flyer indicated. YAY. I already had to fork over $30 due to my procrastination/late registration and I missed the groupon! (booooo)
As soon as I was done registering, I noticed how much I felt like a fish out of water. I so admire runners but I am clearly not part of this crowd. I fumbled with my number, pinning to the front of my Peeps costume, but had to ask someone if it was correct, as I noticed numbers on fronts, backs, sides of people. The group of "angry birds" helped me out and I thanked them by snapping a few pictures for them.
I stood around for a few more minutes before I saw my friend and former co-worker Margaret. Margaret is a fellow cyclist but has also been running regularly with her sister. We chatted a bit and then it was time to get started. As we moved to the start line, I felt the same prerace jitters I get in crits. I was worried about where to start, so as not to get in the way of the faster people. Before we had reached the end of the block, a woman to my right stumbled and fell to the ground, sliding her hand along the pavement. I paused to make sure she was ok as the gentleman with her helped her up and we all were off again. Weird, crashing even happens in running races!
I settled into a groove quickly but was moving slower than normal. Maybe it was the marshmallow filling slowing me down? The hamburglar passed me but then I noticed she had stopped to walk. Soon she passed me again and would do this 5-6 times throughout the race - running fast then walking. I chased a white rabbit for a while, then a devil and angel couple. Along the way I saw some witches and a rally squirrel. The course went north up Bellevue and then back into the neighborhood to Sutton. It was hilly and I was running slow overall but even slower on the hills. As the road leveled off after we crossed manchester, I checked my time/speed, thinking I was running in the 9 min/mile range. Nope! It was more like 10:45 and that felt FAST. As I climbed the last hill on Marshall and rounded the corner on Marietta, The White Stripes Conquest came on my ipod. I crossed the finish at 36:01. I was 83 overall (out of 147) and 39 in my division out of 73 (under 40). YAY! The female winner ran a 22:42. The peacock won the costume contest.

(When I got home, I was helping Nicole pick out a costume from my "costume closet" and noticed my water from the run had spilled into my bag. I moved my ipod out and noticed that it had just a little water on it. Soon, I discovered that little water was in the right place and just enough to ruin my dear ipod. Rest in peace pretty pink ipod. You were so good to me!

I finished the day at Bubba Cx "Boo-Ba" night race. I arrived early to help Cindi get stick-figured up and registered. I handed out some really stale peeps for my friends who were spectating to "toss" at us while we raced. At the start line there were 18 women in the B race and 12 or so in the A race. We had 4 bunnies, two bike cops, two dorothys, 1 alice in wonderland, a stick figure, a nun, Smurfette, an operation game, a gogo dancer, Steve Jobs, a punk girl,a fat bastard and Me as the Peep! (I hope I didn't forget anyone!)

I had purchased some "stuffing" to help fill out the peep costume (a tissue tablecloth with plastic backing) but as soon as we started racing, my stuffing was coming out the bottom of the costume. DRAT! I made it almost 1 lap around and stopped at the barriers to pull the rest of it out and leave it behind. Due to the stuffing issue (or my cx suckage), I was at the back right away, chasing the Fat Bastard. Cristel was having a rough time cornering in that costume, so I caught up to her a few times, only to get dropped again in the straight sections. This course featured a good deal of climbing and some hard to see turns. We'd get pelted by peeps on each lap. About 1/2 way through, I was able to get around the Fat Bastard. I then moved up to Dorothy #1 and struggled to stay with her. She seemed a little gassed on one lap and I was able to move around her (She'd completed a duathalon in the morning! WOW!!!) I gained some space between us and was feeling good (and tired). I got pelted again by peeps and then passed by Sunny (GoGo dancer and cx racer extraordinare) and was glad to know I was now racing 1 lap less. I picked up some speed at a down hill section (into the lights) only to realize all too late that it was a u turn/switchback and CRAP, I was headed right for the tape. The rule follower I am, I didn't want to bust through the tape (I wasn't sure I could... anyone remember that old deodorant comercial with the cyclists and the big stretchy band???) I skimmed the tape/stakes and somehow turned left but too severely and BAM! PEEP DOWN!!!
I fell hard on my left hip and shoulder. I was still clipped in on the right side and couldn't get my foot out for a second. I was worried the 2nd place A racer was going to crash into me because she wasn't too far behind Sunny. I hurried to get up, sore and ego bruised. I wasn't crying so I guessed nothing was broken or too severely injured. I was able to slowly get on my bike just as the 2nd place - bunny - passed by. I kind of limped through the last lap, nursing both pride and very sore shoulder. I finished the lap and the race. I think I told everyone I saw that I crashed. This was my first cx crash, something I knew would happen eventually and I did it right in the middle of the course under the lights. I was sure someone saw it. It was kind of validating to hear that Vickie had seen it. (Thanks Vickie!)
I spent some time visiting with friends, delivering brownies to friends and friends officiating and then ran into Lisa Dattilo, who stretched my arm/shoulder for what seemed like forever. She really helped me feel tons better and even moved around with me so I could visit with Ashley and be close to the fire. Lisa is trained in Ki-Hara and wonderful at fixing imbalances, strains, pulls, tightness, whatever ails you. (She's at Sante at the Chase Park Plaza).
Overall, this Peep finished 16/18 and then had a great night hanging with her Peeps. My Friend Kelly-bunny won the B race! Sunny won the A race, but I was proud of everyone for being out there and having fun! (Especially Cristel who hung in for the WHOLE race as the Fat Bastard (large inflatable costume!!), after saying she'd just do one lap! She was sooo funny! Thanks Cristel!!)
Boo-ba was another night of success, despite a little crashing.

Thank you to all of my friends who raced and cheered for us! You guys are what makes this stuff so much fun to take part in! See you all at Cranksgiving!?!?

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