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Sunday, September 5, 2010


All good things must come to an end.

Fortunately for me, all bad things must too.

And so, on this note, I end my 2010 road season. I raced Gateway Cup~ Lafayette Square on Friday.
I went around in circles with a pack of 27 or something a few times....
I drifted to the back....
I drifted off the back...
I was dropped....

I didn't feel it in my head or legs.
I approached corners with panic a few times, "Oh my God, I forgot how to go through a corner!"
As soon as I was in it, I was fine.

I worked with Delona, Kubie and another girl. That was fun.
We got lapped.
We jumped back in.

The last lap came and the field picked up the pace to chase an attack on turn 3. A watched a girl sit up and thought, "Oh, that looks nice!" so I did too.
Then I realized I'd be done sooner if I didn't sit up and stepped on the gas.
I sprinted, by my self.... A theme for the year.

I placed 20 something.

And with that, I put my first year as a Cat 3 to bed. Nighty Night. See you in February 2011.

I hope to Blossom as a Cat 4 Cross Racer in a few weeks.
I am embracing my beginner's spirit.
So far, I have managed to stay upright and laugh..... ALOT
Bring on the MUDD!

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