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Friday, August 27, 2010

Teamwork Rocks!

Our last night of the 2010 track season was 8.26.10
What a beautiful night of racing, only tainted at the end by a young man from nearby who decided he was the rightful owner of some of our belongings.
This night was for the teams. Team Pursuits and Track cup award!

After some scratch races, The Hub Women's team started the Team Pursuits. We were down one teammate, Kate, due to her shoulder separation. (Despite my attempts to get her to see my Chiro for some kinesio taping to get her back on the bike asap! Ok, Kate, I'll back off and let your Doctor prescribe your treatment!)
Our team consisted of Soli, Ashley and me. Ashley and I practiced some laps and transitions in our quick 10 minute warm up. I was really concerned about holding my team back when it was clear that I was tired and Ashley was fresh and energized in our warm ups!
Our opposing team consisted of Emilie, Cristel and Molly. I teased that I kind of felt like the last kid picked at kickball after some discussion about drawing straws to form our teams instead of Hub vs Dogfish/Mesa/Molly! But MAN, we sure worked well as a team.
We took to the line with our holders and were OFF. 12 laps of torture! We agreed we'd each pull a lap then transition. Soli organized us with Ashley first, Soli second and me third. We started off a little slow but my turn 2 Ashley was really picking up speed. After the first couple of transitions, I noticed a pattern - I was clearly the weakest link. Soli told us to rest when we weren't on the front, so I was trying to rest all I could then. Ashley's pace seemed to be 22-23 mph, and for about 1/2 a lap, Soli would pick it up to 24-25. It was great to go fast but I was really having to work to stay on her wheel and not get a gap. I yelled to her to "ease up a bit" a few times but feared again that I was the weak link in the chain. I got gapped about 2 bike lengths on one lap. When Soli pulled off the front, I'd try my best to maintain a decent speed but I was only able to manage 20-22.

With our last lap, I was pulling and Soli and Ashley came around to my right. We sprinted for the line and I realized that the 172 heart rate I was running for the last 3-4 laps was the highest I've ever had at the track. I am sure I couldn't have sustained that for even just 1-2 more laps.

After a quick cool down, we pulled off the track to watch Cristel, Emilie and Molly race. Of course, everyone always seems slower when you are sitting on the sidelines!
Those three girls are so strong and looked so good, I was sure we were 2nd to their win.

The Hub men rocked their pursuits, with fast speeds and beautiful transitions.
As the men finished their team pursuits, the party started.
PJ and Joe threw a fabulous awards party, including the presentation of the Team Track Cup, champagne and Cake!
The Hub sure dominated at the track, bring tons of men and women to the races!
We will represent our Track Cup proudly!
Soli won the women's overall, with Emilie taking 2nd and Molly rounding out the podium in 3rd. These women are strong!!!

When it came time to announce the winners of the pursuits, they announced Emilie/Cristel and Molly in 2nd! Wait a minute..... That makes us 1st!!!
I couldn't believe it! We won!!! We had a 10 second lead on that amazing team of women! Way to go Ashley and Soli! What an awesome team.

It felt good to get my first Win of the track and to be part of such a wonderful team, and wonderful track family.

Can hardley wait til the 2011 season! Wanna join me??

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