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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Ride 2009

MK, Phil and I headed out at 8am, to do a new loop of familiar roads. MK and I donned Bunny ears on our lids in honor of the big bunny himself.
Despite the hilly and windy ride - Bellevue, Clayton west, Warson north, Baur/Schuetz to Adie loop and back in via Midland (we added a neighborhood climb from the Trailnet Weds ride for good measure) we had a good time.
We got lots of friendly honks, waves and happy Easter wishes. The best one was the cheers from a group of people leaving a church on Lockwood. After about 30 miles, we ended at First Watch to have Breakfast with David and AJ. Should have been a good breakfast, but the manager made it clear he does not like bikes/cyclists. Still, the food was good.
The 3 miles to home were windy and colder. That front with all the rain is on it's way.

So, I am obviously not a good Catholic. I didn't go to church on Christmas and now, not Easter either.
MK, Phil and I had a discussion as we rolled out about what church and God means to us.
Without going into too much, we basically all agreed that it is a personal relationship with God. We are all comfortable with that relationship and do our best to display God's love to one another on a daily basis - not just Christmas and Easter.
Still, I am grateful for this day - what it signifies. I don't need to prove it to anyone but God, and he doesn't even require me to PROVE it. (don't believe me, see for yourself: Ephesian 2:8)

Christos Anesti!

(and in the words of the guy on Greenwood as I rode past, "Girl, get me my eggs!")

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