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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

update schmupdate

I have already established that I am a terrible blogger, so you (if anyone is reading this) will not expect too much out of me. HOWEVER, I got a little inspired by Chris' blog (www.mastersaysfaster.blogspot.com), so I thought I'd try to do more.

I've been keeping busy with loads of Team Rev stuff.
I was made into el presidente sometime in December. No inauguration balls or anything here, just lots of work. We are halfway through out successful "Frostbike" winter ride series.
Hey, why not - go to www.teamrevcycling.org for more info?

We've also started a indoor trainer spin series. (Girls only). It runs Weds nights through 3/4 at which time we hope to get our butts outside for regular Weds, leave from Straubs in Webster route. Come join us!

I did spinning class at the Hub last night with the guys. The class was tough and I nearly got tipped over thanks to Chris (the OTHER chris) and his Mavic skewers! All was good though and no damage done. Those guys are really nice! They always make me feel welcome, even though I am the "slow, girl."

Back to Team Rev stuff- we have a Bike Maintenance clinic on Friday Febuary 6 at 7pm at velocity cafe and cyclery. Should be a good time. Only $5 (Ladies only, again- if you haven't figured out already, Team Rev is a WOMEN's cycling club). If you are a girl and want to join us, email me at steph@teamrevcycling.com
If you haven't been to velocity cafe yet, you need to get over there. They are north of the History Museum in Forest Park. The coffee is excellent. Well, the food is excellent too. And the service....excellent! (I need to find some new words).

We'll that's enough dribble for now. Later Alligators!

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