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Sunday, October 19, 2008

This makes me sad.

I spent some time on retail therapy yesterday. Just walked through the Galleria. This was once the primo mall of the area but it's clear it's seen better days. A lot of the stores are closing; there are a lot of vacancies.

But what makes me sad is something I overheard in H&M. It was just a piece of a conversation between a couple. The woman was tall and slender. She was trying on a black short jacket. As they commented about the fit, she took off the jacket to reveal it was a SIZE 10! I didn't clearly hear what she said next but I did hear the man say in response, "well maybe it's fat in women's sizes". The fact that ANYONE would consider a 10 to be FAT! This is one example of the craziness women subject themselves and are subjected to.

Crazy and sad.

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