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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New symptoms every day!

I tried Pilates for the first time on Sunday and really enjoyed it. I could readily identify what challenged my muscular imbalances, but I didn't feel like it pushed me beyond my "safe" range.

I've been going to yoga about 1x week for a while. For the most part, I've been very careful as I move through poses. Moving slowly and cautiously. In the last two weeks, I've said "F it" and just want to  just do yoga. I'm surprised I haven't had more difficulties and discomfort from this more reckless attitude. The usual aches and pains are ever present.

My typical sensations are a tightness in my groin on the right. It feels like my underwear is too tight and pulling/pinching. Unfortunately I get this sensation even when I am not wearing underwear. Sometimes that sensation becomes more sharp and feels like there are little shards of glass in the groin. It's painful, but not excruciating.
Most of the time, my hip just doesn't want to work correctly and I walk funny. Some things get better with inactivity, some get worse.

Sunday evening, a new sensation appeared. I say sensation because it's not exactly painful. More annoying than anything. My entire right butt cheek is warm. It feels like I have embrocation on my butt! Sometimes the warmness increases to a point that brings more discomfort but it doesn't last long.

I posted about this on the PAO facebook group page and several others commented that they too have experienced this. Most indicated it is "nerve pain". I just wonder what set it off.

I haven't been on my bike in more than a week. I was going to ride the trainer and try out Zwift again last night but our bathroom renovation started yesterday and I was a little overwhelmed by it all in the evening. The cats do not like being sequestered to the main floor and pestered me all evening and  throughout the night, trying to escape to the upstairs world. I was also concerned about getting a shower after my workout (I'd have to drive to the gym or a friend's house). I'm taking a full pilates class (more than the 30 minute demo) and heading to Cindi's house after to feed the furry beasts. I will use that opportunity to bathe again. Taking it where I can get it.