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Monday, August 15, 2011

Goldenberg Heller Wednesday Night Time Trial Series

aka the WNTT

I started out on the first night just going along because Phil was doing it. He has all the TT stuff: helmet, bike, shoe covers (no skins suit..... yet!)
I have none of that stuff. Just me and Zeus!

The first few weeks I didn't let Ron hold me at the start.
My first night time was 25:06. I hovered in the low 25s for a few weeks, with slow nights up to 26 and change. When I hit 25:00:07, I agreed to start having Ron hold me.

Ron is the steadiest holder in all the land! He is awesome. He can hold me any time. He can hold my husband any time. My husband is great with both. He could probably hold BOTH of us at the same time!! Anyway, I digress....

My goals was to finish in under 25 minutes. For Merckx category, this is still slow for most, but great for me! On June 1, I did it! 24:52
I had been "blood doping" the week before in Colorado. By blood doping, I mean "altitude training". By Altitude training, I mean I drug my sea level butt up a couple of mountain passes in the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. (I finished 24th in the Pro123 field! :)

I managed to do it again (barely) with 24:59 (June 15) & 24:58 (July 13). Then, on the last night of the series, I had my best time ever! Bettering my previous best by 10 seconds with a 24:42!!! Woo Hoo!

To top it off, my consistency/good attendance paid off. I won the Womens 123 series points. Earning a beautiful medal and some cash! Despite my 2 year streak of racing suckage, I have been collecting some money at the last three events (GEO, Edw and now the WNTT!!)Woo Hoo again!

The quote of the series: On the last night, Justin Maciekowicz: "1 to Go!" , to which Kate Hrubes replies: "So sad. I am really gonna miss Wed nights!" Which prompts Phil to say: "It's O.K. Kate. We'll still have Wednesday nights, there just won't be any TT's"

I'll definitely be back next year. Maybe I'll even add some clip on aero bars! :)

Huge thank yous are in order to Mark & Nola Ewers, Ron Blanton, Liz Heller/Goldenberg Heller!

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